How to Fuliza MPESA in Kenya 2024

This article will show you how to Fuliza MPESA loan, how to get Fuliza MPESA to another number, Fuliza charges, and how to withdraw from Fuliza.

What is Fuliza?

Fuliza is a popular service offered by Safaricom and its partners, KCB Bank and NCBA Bank. It allows MPESA users in Kenya to access short-term loans to cover their MPESA transactions when they have insufficient funds. Thus, you can complete transactions when making payments at your local supermarket or sending money to your family and friends.

How to Fuliza MPESA

How to fuliza MPESA in Kenya
How to join Fuliza

Requirements to Access Fuliza Loans

To access and start using the Fuliza MPESA service, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • One must have a registered and active Safaricom line that has been active for at least six months.
  • You must be a registered MPESA user.

If you meet the above requirements, follow these steps to join Fuliza MPESA in Kenya:

  1. Dial *234# on your Safaricom Line
  2. Select Fuliza Mpesa (Option 0)
  3. Then, select Yes (Option 1) to get started.
  4. Finally, accept the Fuliza terms and conditions by selecting YES (Option 1), and that is it; you’ve joined Fuliza.

After a few seconds, you will receive a message showing your Fuliza loan limit. Alternatively, if you are using mySafaricom App, you can join Fuliza by selecting Fuliza MPESA and you can start using the overdraft service.

How Does Fuliza Work?

Fuliza is an MPesa service that allows you to access an overdraft in your M-Pesa account when you have insufficient funds to complete a transaction. The amount is subject to a pre-determined limit based on your MPESA transaction history.

The Fuliza amount is deducted automatically by Safaricom anytime you receive money in your MPesa until your Fuliza loan is fully paid. Also, note that you can only opt out of Fuliza once you have cleared all your outstanding Fuliza loan.

The maximum Fuliza facility limit is Ksh70,000.

How to Check Fuliza Balance

Here’s how to check your Fuliza Balance:

  1. Dial *234# on your Safaricom line
  2. Select Fuliza MPESA (Option 0)
  3. Then, select My Fuliza Balance (Option 2) and send.
Select Fuliza MPESA
How to Check Fuliza Balance and Loan Limit

How to Check Fuliza Limit

Follow these steps to check your Fuliza limit:

  1. Dial *234# on your Safaricom line
  2. Select Fuliza MPESA (Option 0)
  3. Then, select Check My Limit (Option 1) and send. Check the above-attached screenshots for guidance.

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How to Use Fuliza

Once you’ve successfully joined Fuliza and checked your Fuliza loan limit, you can use Fuliza to:

  • Make payments to till and paybill numbers (Lipa na MPESA)
  • Withdrawing Cash at MPESA Agents.
  • Buy airtime for Safaricom and other networks such as Airtel and Telkom
  • Send money to other MPESA users.

At first, it was not possible to withdraw Fuliza funds at MPESA agents until recently when Safaricom allowed users to withdraw Fuliza funds just like any other MPESA funds. You can however not use Fuliza balance to make payments for international payments such as Netflix Subscription using the MPESA Visa Card.

Fuliza Charges and Tariff

You will be charged 1% interest and a maintenance fee on the outstanding balance. The table below summarizes the new restructured Fuliza tariff:

Tariff Band (KES)Daily Maintenance Fee (KES)20% Excise Duty (KES)Total Charges (KES)
101-500Free for first 3 days, 2.50 after0.503.00
501-1,000Free for first 3 days, 5.00 after1.006.00
New restructured Fuliza tariff

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps on how to Fuliza

Dial the USSD Code *234# and follow the steps given above.

How to Fuliza MPESA to another number

You can Fuliza money to another registered and unregistered Safaricom number the same way you would send money via MPESA. Register for Fuliza by dialing *234#, then go to the Sim toolkit and send the amount. Fuliza MPESA message will pop up and you will be required to accept and send it.

To conclude, Fuliza is a great way to get financial assistance when you need it and is an ideal solution for those in need of short-term funds. So, if you’re ever in a pinch and need access to emergency funds, consider using Fuliza.

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