CBK Licenses 19 More Digital Lenders to Operate in Kenya

CBK Licenses 19 More Digital Lenders to Operate in Kenya, bringing to 51 the total number of licensed digital lenders.

In a statement released on Wednesday 6th March 2024, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) announced the licensing of nineteen (19) more Digital Credit Providers (DCPs) to operate in Kenya. This brings the number of digital lenders licensed to operate in the country to fifty-one (51) following the licensing of 32 digital lenders announced in March 2023.

CBK said that they had received 480 applications since March 2022 and has worked closely with the applicants in reviewing their applications. Additionally, CBK noted that they have engaged other regulators and agencies pertinent to the licensing process, including the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Some of the lenders licensed include Little Pesa Limited, Lipa Later Limited, Maralal Ledger Limited, M-Kopa Loan Kenya Limited, and Ngao Credit Limited, among others.

List of the 19 Digital Lenders licensed to Operate in Kenya in March 2024

  1. Autochek
  2. Azura Credit
  3. Chapeo Capital
  4. Chime Capital
  5. Creditarea Capital
  6. Decimal Capital
  7. Dexintec Kenya
  8. Factorhouse
  9. Fezotech Kenya
  10. Fortune Credit
  11. Lipa Later
  12. Lobelitec Credit
  13. Maralal Ledger
  14. Marble Capital Solutions
  15. MKM Capital
  16. Pi Capital
  17. Senti Capital
  18. UbaPesa
  19. Zillions Credit

Full List of the 51 Digital Lenders Licensed to Operate in Kenya;

  1. Anjoy Credit Limited
  2. Asante FS East Africa Limited
  3. Ceres Tech Limited
  4. Colkos Enterprises Limited
  5. EDOMX Limited
  6. Extend Money Service Limited
  7. Fourth Generation Capital Limited
  8. Getcash Capital Limited
  9. Giando Africa Limited (Trading as Flash Credit Africa)
  10. Inventure Mobile Limited (Trading as Tala)
  11. Jijenge Credit Limited
  12. Jumo Kenya Limited
  13. Kweli Smart Solutions Limited
  14. Letshego Kenya Ltd
  15. Little Pesa Limited
  16. MFS Technologies Limited
  17. M-Kopa Loan Kenya Limited
  18. Mwanzo Credit Limited
  19. MyCredit Limited
  20. MyWagepay Limited
  21. Natal Tech Company Limited
  22. Ngao Credit Limited
  23. Okolea International Limited
  24. Pezesha Africa Limited
  25. Rewot Ciro Limited
  26. Risine Credit Limited
  27. Sevi Innovation Limited
  28. Sokohela Limited
  29. Tenakata Enterprises Limited
  30. Umoja Fanisi Limited
  31. Zanifu Limited
  32. Zenka Digital Limited
  33. Autochek
  34. Azura Credit
  35. Chapeo Capital
  36. Chime Capital
  37. Creditarea Capital
  38. Decimal Capital
  39. Dexintec Kenya
  40. Factorhouse
  41. Fezotech Kenya
  42. Fortune Credit
  43. Lipa Later
  44. Lobelitec Credit
  45. Maralal Ledger
  46. Marble Capital Solutions
  47. MKM Capital
  48. Pi Capital
  49. Senti Capital
  50. UbaPesa
  51. Zillions Credit

CBK has also urged applicants at different stages in the licensing process to submit the pending documentation expeditiously to enable completion of the review of their applications.

The licensing of digital lenders is part of regulations introduced last year to regulate the booming industry, protect consumers against exorbitant interest rates by fraudulent lenders, and control how lenders process consumer data. Sign up with CBK approved loan apps to protect yourself against abuse.

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