TVS Motorcycle Price in Kenya 2024 | A Comprehensive Guide

This article gives a comprehensive guide on TVS Motorcycle Price in Kenya, including their features and specifications to help you make the best-informed decision for your needs.

TVS motorcycles have become popular in Kenya, a country where motorcycles are a common mode of transport, both in rural and urban areas. The TVS Motor Company has a strong presence in Kenya and offers a variety of motorcycles with unique features and competitive prices.
Whether you’re in the bodaboda business, considering starting one, or even looking for a motorbike for your private/individual use, you may be looking for an affordable and reliable motorcycle in Kenya. TVS is one of the most popular motorbike brands in Kenya, offering a range of affordable, fuel-efficient, and high-performance motorcycles.

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Here are some of the popular TVS motorcycle models in Kenya:

  • TVS Apache RTR 160
  • Apache RTR 180
  • TVS Phoenix
  • TVS Star City Plus
  • TVS Star Basic 100
  • TVS Star LX
  • TVS HLX 100 Plus ES
  • TVS HLX 125
  • TVS HLX 150
  • TVS HLX 150 X

These models are known for their stylish design, comfort, fuel efficiency, and a great balance of performance. Let’s move to their respective price range.

TVS Motorcycle Price in Kenya

The TVS motorcycle price in Kenya ranges from KES 70,000 to KES 300,000. This depends on factors such as the motorbike model, specifications, and payment plan you have selected, and the condition of the motorbike -whether it is brand new or used. The cost of a brand new motorbike is higher compared to a second hand one.

TVS HLX 100 Plus KS

Key features include a 100cc engine size, 16L Tank, a kick start, and a USB port. Cost ranges from KES 138,800 to KES 141,300.

TVS HLX 100 Plus ES

This is a 100cc engine-size motorbike that comes with 1 electric start and a USB port. It costs between KES 140,900 to KES 143,400.

TVS Star Basic 100

TVS Star Basic 100 has a 100cc engine size and its price ranges from KES 130,000 to KES 140,000.

TVS Basic LX

TVS Basix LX is a 100cc motorbike that will cost you between KES 140,000 to KES 145,000.


Key features include a 125cc engine size, Anti-theft System, IOC technology, USB port, and electric starter. Price ranges between KES 144,400 to KES 146,900.

TVS HLX 125 Ref

This is a 125cc engine motorbike that comes with features such as an electric start and a USB port. TVS HLX 125 Ref price ranges between KES 144,490 and KES 146,990.


TVS HLX 150X 5G in Kenya will cost you anything between KES 167,900 to KES 170,400. It comes with 5 gears, IOC (Internal Oil Cooling) technology, a 150cc engine size, raised fender, an electric starter, and a USB port.


TVS HLX 150X 4G in Kenya will cost you anything between KES 166,600 to KES 169,100. It comes with 4 gears, IOC (Internal Oil Cooling) technology, a 150cc engine size, raised fender, an electric starter, and a USB port.

TVS HLX 150 4G

This is a 150cc engine motorbike with 4-gears. It also has a USB port and an electric start. Price ranges between KES 164,200 to KES 166,700.

TVS HLX 150 5 Gear

TVS LX 150 5-Gear price ranges between KES 165,000 to KES 167,500. It comes with an electric start, 5 Gears, a 150cc engine, and a USB port.

TVS ZT 125

TVS ZT 125 is a sports bike designed to be an off-roader. It comes with a raised Fender, a 125cc engine, a USB port, and an electric start. TVS ZT 125 will cost you between KES157,400 to KES 159,900.

TVS XL 100 itouch

The key specifications for this motorbike include a 100cc Four stroke engine with up to a fuel economy of 88 KM/L, a USB Charging Port, and 1-touch ignition. (Electrical start without a starter motor). TVS XL 100 itouch price ranges between KES 86,500 to KES 89,000.

TVS Apache RTR 160

This is a racing motorbike with a 160cc engine. It costs between KES 281,500 to KES 289,000.

TVS Apache RTR 180

TVS Apache RTR 180 is a racing motorbike that comes with a 180cc engine. It will cost you anything between KES 296,000 and KES 320,000.

TVS HLX 150 Gold

TVS HLX 150 Gold price ranges between KES 168,400 to KES 171,500 and comes with 5 Gears, an Anti-theft System, and a 150cc engine.

Here is a summary of the TVS Motorcycle price in Kenya in 2024:

S/NoTVS Motorcycle Models in Kenya ModelDescription/ Key FeaturesPrice Range (in KES)
 1.TVS HLX 100 Plus KS100cc, 16L Tank138,800 to 141,300
 2.TVS HLX 100 Plus ES100cc, 1 Electric Start140,900 to 143,400
 3.TVS Star Basic 100100cc130,000 to 140,000
 4.TVS Basic LX100cc140,000 to 145,000
 5.TVS HLX REF Gold125cc144,400 to 146,900
 6.TVS HLX 125 Ref125cc144,490 to 146,990
 7.TVS HLX 150X 5G150cc, 5 Gears167,900 to 170,400
 8.TVS HLX 150X 4G150cc, 4 Gears166,600 to 169,100
 9.TVS HLX 150 4G150cc, 4 Gears164,200 to 166,700
 10.TVS HLX 150 5 Gear150cc, 5 Gears165,000 to 167,500
 11.TVS ZT 125125cc, Off-roader157,400 to 159,900
 12.TVS XL 100 itouch100cc, Four stroke engine86,500 to 89,000
 13.TVS Apache RTR 160160cc, Racing Bike281,500 to 289,000
 14.TVS Apache RTR 180180cc, Racing Bike296,000 to 320,000
 15.TVS HLX 150 Gold150cc, 5 Gears, Anti-theft System168,400 to 171,500
Table showing TVS Motorcycle Prices in Kenya

Note that the above prices are as per the time of publishing this post; the prices may change.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle in Kenya

Here are some important factors to keep in mind to ensure that you make the right purchase for your needs and budget:

1. Engine Size and Performance

The engine size determines the motorcycle’s performance, speed, and power. A motorbike with a bigger engine size is more expensive. If you are looking for a motorbike for regular commutation, you can consider purchasing a bike with an engine between 125cc and 180cc.

2. Height and Weight of the Bike

To get the best riding experience, choose a motorbike that fits your body. For good control and safety, the height of the bike should be comfortable for you to ride. Also, your feet should be able to touch the ground when you come to a stop.

Additionally, the bike’s weight should be manageable for you to maneuver easily. Therefore, ensure you buy a motorbike that fits your body for a smooth ride.

3. Price of the Motorbike

The TVS Motorcycle Prices in Kenya may vary widely depending on the motorbike model, specifications, and the conditions of the bike. Brand-new motorcycles may be a little more expensive than second-hand motorbikes. You must know your budget and select a motorbike within your budget range. Researching the choice of motorbike will help you know the price of the motorcycle and also help you identify alternative sources of funds such as bodaboda loans. Also, remember to factor in additional costs like insurance and registration.

4. Fuel Efficiency of the Motorbike

Motorcycles are widely known for their fuel efficiency. However, different motorbike sizes and models have different fuel consumption rates. With the rising fuel prices, selecting a motorcycle with good fuel economy is crucial to saving you money on fuel costs. This is especially important if you plan to use your bike for daily commutes or long-distance travel.

5. Spare Parts and Accessories

Before buying a motorcycle, consider the availability of spare parts and accessories. A motorcycle with readily available spare parts and accessories will save you time and money in case of repairs or maintenance. Always settle for a motorbike whose spare parts and accessories are easily available in the market. Buying spare parts and other accessories from licensed and registered dealers is recommended to ensure you buy genuine and original accessories.

6. Maintenance Costs

Every bike demands some regular and periodic maintenance for smooth operation. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your motorbike in good condition and extend its lifespan. Choose a motorcycle with affordable and readily available maintenance services. Consider the cost of replacing parts, oil changes, and other maintenance costs before purchasing.

You may also need to consider your riding experience and skill level in selecting the motorbike to purchase. A motorbike with a larger and more powerful engine may be expensive to maintain and operate.

7. Safety Gear

When it comes to riding motorbikes, you can never compromise on your safety, your family, or even customers’ safety. Most companies or dealers will only offer helmets. You must invest in proper safety gear, such as good-quality jackets, boots, and protective gloves. These will not cost you much compared to the initial cost of the motorbike.

Finally, always ensure that you do your research before buying a new motorbike considering all the above factors. A good bike should fit your budget and fulfil all your basic requirements.

Importance of Motorcycle Maintenance in Kenya

  • Safety – A well-maintained and serviced motorbike is safe to ride and operate. Remember, it is worth spending money and effort to ensure your bike is safe and on top of its game.
  • Performance – Regular maintenance is essential to keep your bike in good condition and serve you longer.

Common TVS Motorcycle Maintenance Issues in Kenya

  • Air & Fuel Filters
  • Motorbike Battery
  • Brake Pads
  • Drive Chain and Sprockets
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Oil and check fluids
  • Motorbike Lights and Wiring

TVS Motorcycle Loans in Kenya

Financial institutions offer financing options for people who want to purchase TVS motorcycles in Kenya. These institutions include Mogo, Progressive Credit, and Watu Credit. They offer boda boda loans to aspiring riders who want to acquire motorbikes while paying in instalments.

You can get started by checking the Watu Credit Motorbikes prices and requirements on how to get bodaboda financing.

Car and General Limited has also partnered with Flexpay Kenya to offer Lipia Pole Pole plan at 0% interest. Flexpay allows you to book a motorbike and pay over a period of time maximum of 90 days at no extra cost. Once you complete the payment, you can collect or wait for the motorbike to be delivered to you.

Moreover, various dealers have partnered with financial institutions like banks to offer financing options such as personal loans. These financing options have flexible repayment terms, making buying TVS motorcycles in Kenya easier.

TVS Motorcycle Dealers in Kenya

The official TVS motorbikes distributor in Kenya is Car & General Limited, which has branches located in major cities and towns throughout the country.
Other distributors and retail sellers include Trismotorcycles, Foresight Motors, and supermarkets like Khetias and Naivas.

Services Offered by TVS Motorcycle Dealers in Kenya

Various services offered at TVS motorcycle dealerships include sales, handling customer complaints and inquiries, financing, motorbike servicing, and maintenance.

TVS Motorcycle Competitors in Kenya

TVS motorcycles face stiff competition from other popular motorcycle brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Boxer, Suzuki, Haojue, and many more in Kenya. These brands offer similar products that cater to different market segments.

How Much is TVS 125cc in Kenya?

The TVS Star HLX 125cc price ranges between KES 105,000 to KES 135,000. The motorbike comes with the following features: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, naturally Air Cooled Engine, 10.5 Litres Fuel Tank and 4 gear transmission

How Much is TVS 150cc in Kenya?

TVS 150cc price ranges between KES 150,000 to KES 175,000.

Is 125cc better than 150cc?

150cc engine is more powerful than the 125cc engine making it more suitable for long travels. You can also expect a 150cc motorbike to reach higher top speeds compared to those of smaller engines.

Buy a TVS Motorcycle in Kenya?

TVS motorcycle prices in Kenya are competitive, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. The company has also partnered with various financial institutions to offer flexible financing options, making purchasing TVS motorcycles in Kenya easier.

TVS motorcycles in Kenya are also known for their fuel-efficient engines, making them an ideal choice for people who want to save money on fuel costs.

Finally, TVS motorcycle price in Kenya can vary from one model to another, but on average, if you’re buying a new motorcycle fit for a beginner, you will probably spend anywhere between KES 100,000 to KES 300,000. With many financing institutions such as Watu Credit Limited, you can surely get yourself a motorbike and pay for it in instalments. All you need is to visit their branches and meet all their requirements for a motorbike loan.

Consider all the above factors before investing your hard-earned money into a motorbike

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