GOtv Packages and Prices in Kenya – A Complete Guide

Discover the various GOtv packages and prices in Kenya to help you find the best package for your entertainment needs and budget.

GOtv is a subsidiary of Multichoice Africa, a South African broadcasting company that operates DStv and GOtv. The GOtv packages have become very popular among Kenyans because they are affordable and offer a wide variety of entertainment channels to choose from.

In this article, I will break down the various GOtv packages, prices, and channels in Kenya. You will also learn how the GOtv paybill number and also how to contact GOtv customer care.

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GOtv Packages and Prices in Kenya

Discover the various GOtv packages, their prices, and the channels they offer before making a subscription decision.

There are five different GOtv packages in Kenya:

  1. GOtv Lite
  2. GOtv Value
  3. GOtv Plus
  4. GOtv Max
  5. GOtv Supa

Here is a summary of GOtv packages and prices in Kenya 2023 and the number of channels for the different GOtv packages.

GOtv PackagesGotv Prices in Kenya per MonthNumber of Channels
GOtv Lite199 KES (500 KES Quarterly or 1,200 KES annually)20+
GOtv Value649 KES35+
GOtv Plus999 KES45+
GOtv Max1,349 KES60+
GOtv Supa1,749 KES70+
A summary of GOtv packages and prices in Kenya 2023.

Below is an in-depth dive into the different packages and their prices.

1. GOtv Lite Package

GOtv Lite package

The GOtv Lite package is the cheapest option for people who want to watch TV in Kenya. It costs KES 199 per month and includes access to 21 channels, including local and international news, sports, movies, and entertainment.

Channels on the GOtv Lite package in Kenya:

Local ChannelsReligionInt’l NewsOther African ChannelsMusicSportsAudioKids and Teens
Citizen TVFaithAl JazeeraeTV AfricaAfro Music EnglishSS BlitzHope FMJim Jam
NTVIslam ChannelRadio Maisha
KTN NewsEmmanuel TVMilele FM
KTNClassic FM
Kameme TV
Kass TV
Inooro TV
GOtv Lite Channels in Kenya

2. GOtv Value Package

GOtv Value package

GOtv Value is the second cheapest package. It goes for KES 649 per month and comes with 35+ channels. Some of the popular channels in GOtv value are Al Jazeera, NatGeo Wild, Supersport Select 2, Maisha Magic East, and local news channels such as NTV, Citizen TV, KBC, and K24 TV.

3. GOtv Plus Package

GOtv Plus package

The GOtv Plus package is a great option for people who want to watch a variety of channels on their TV. This package costs KES 999 per month and comes with 47 channels, both local and international to enjoy unlimited entertainment at home. GOtv Plus package also comes with two Sports channels – Supersport Blitz and Supersport Select 2.

4. GOtv Max Package

GOtv Max Package

GOtv Max package costs KES 1,349 per month and provides access to 60+ TV channels, including popular local and international channels. GOtv Max comprises 6 sports channels, 5 movie channels, and over 53 other genres

5. GOtv Supa Package

The GOtv Supa is the most expensive GOtv package in Kenya. It costs KES 1,749 per month and comes with 76 different channels. It comes with 7 sports channels such as Supersport, WWE, and ESPN.

GOtv Kenya Packages and Channel List

GOtv SupaGOtv MaxGOtv PlusGOtv ValueGOtv Lite
Citizen TVCitizen TVCitizen TVCitizen TVCitizen TV
KTN NewsKTN NewsKTN NewsKTN NewsKTN News
Weru TVWeru TVWeru TVWeru TVWeru TV
Inooro TVInooro TVInooro TVInooro TVInooro TV
Kass TVKass TVKass TVKass TVKass TV
Kameme TVKameme TVKameme TVKameme TVKameme TV
Ramogi TVRamogi TVRamogi TVRamogi TVRamogi TV
Hope TVHope TVHope TVHope TVHope TV
Mambo MotoMambo MotoMambo MotoXeTV Africa
Maisha Magic POAMaisha Magic POAMaisha Magic POAMaisha Magic POAAfro Music English
Magic ShowcaseMagic ShowcaseMagic ShowcaseMagic ShowcaseX
Africa Magic UrbanXXXX
Africa Magic FamilyAfrica Magic FamilyAfrica Magic FamilyAfrica Magic FamilyX
Africa Magic EpicAfrica Magic EpicAfrica Magic EpicAfrica Magic EpicX
Maisha Magic BongoMaisha Magic BongoMaisha Magic BongoXX
Maisha Magic MoviesMaisha Magic MoviesMaisha Magic MoviesMaisha Magic MoviesX
Maisha Magic PlusXXXX
Maisha Magic EastMaisha Magic EastMaisha Magic EastMaisha Magic EastX
Zee WorldZee WorldZee WorldXX
Star LifeStar LifeXXX
Real TimeReal TimeReal TimeReal TimeX
E! EntertainmentE! EntertainmentE! EntertainmentE! EntertainmentX
Discovery FamilyDiscovery FamilyDiscovery FamilyXX
CBS RealityCBS RealityXXX
Trace MzikiTrace MzikiTrace MzikiTrace MzikiX
Trace GospelTrace GospelXXX
M-Net MoviesM-Net MoviesM-Net MoviesXX
Movie RoomMovie RoomXXX
TNT AfricaTNT AfricaXXX
Studio UniversalXXXX
B4U MoviesB4U MoviesB4U MoviesXX
SS BlitzSS BlitzSS BlitzSS BlitzSS Blitz
SS FootballSS FootballSS FootballXX
Supersport LaligaSupersport LaligaXXX
SS Select 1SS Select 1XXX
SS Select 2SS Select 2SS Select 2SS Select 2X
Al JazeeraAl JazeeraAl JazeeraAl JazeeraAl Jazeera
CNN InternationalCNN InternationalCNN InternationalXX
Jim JamJim JamJim JamJim JamJim Jam
Nick JuniorXXXX
Disney JuniorDisney JuniorDisney JuniorDisney JuniorX
Nick ToonsXXXX
Cartoon NetworkCartoon NetworkXXX
Akili KidsAkili KidsAkili KidsAkili KidsAkili Kids
NatGeo WildNatGeo WildNatGeo WildNatGeo WildX
National GeographicXXXX
Discovery IDDiscovery IDXXX
Food NetworkFood NetworkFood NetworkXX
Emmanuel TVEmmanuel TVEmmanuel TVEmmanuel TVEmmanuel TV
Classic FMClassic FMClassic FMClassic FMClassic FM
Milele FMMilele FMMilele FMMilele FMMilele FM
Radio MaishaRadio MaishaRadio MaishaRadio MaishaRadio Maisha
Hope FMHope FMHope FMHope FMHope FM
GOtv packages and channels in Kenya

How to Select the Best GOtv Package for Your Budget

When choosing the right GOtv package, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you are looking for a basic package with a few channels, then GOtv Lite may be a good option for you. If you are looking for a mid-range package with more channels, then GOtv Value may be a good option for you. And if you are looking for a premium package with the most channels or with live Premier League matches, then GOtv Max or GOtv Supa may be a good option for you.

GOtv Kenya Paybill Number

The official GOtv Kenya Paybill number in Kenya is 423655. Read our step-by-step guide on how to pay Gotv via MPESA in Kenya.

Does GOtv Max Show Premier League Matches?

The Premier League games are only broadcast on the Supersport Select 2 channel, available to GOtv Max and GOtv Supa subscribers. Watch live Premier League matches when you pay for GOTV Max or GOTV Supa subscription.

How Much Is the Lowest GOtv Subscription in Kenya?

Gotv Lite is the lowest subscription package in Kenya. It will only cost you KES 199 per month and comes with 20+ channels.

How Much Does GOtv Cost Per Month?

Gotv Lite – KES 199 per month
Gotv Value – KES 649 per month
Gotv Plus – KES 999 per month
Gotv Max – KES 1,349 per month
Gotv Supa – KES 1,749 per month

How Many Channels Does Gotv Lite Have?

Gotv Lite in Kenya comes with 21 channels at only KES 199 per month. You can also pay Quarterly or Annually at KES 500 or KES 1,200 respectively.

GOtv Kenya Customer Care Number

Call 0711 066555 for assistance concerning your GOtv subscription.

Enjoy GOtv Services

To access GOtv packages, customers must buy a GOtv decoder and an antenna and then connect them to your TV. Then pay your package subscription fee to activate it. You will then be able to watch your preferred local and international channels.


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