NHIF Rates in Kenya 2023

This guide will help you learn the NHIF rates in Kenya 2023, how to calculate your monthly payment and the benefits of paying NHIF contributions.

National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a Kenyan government state corporation under the Ministry of Health. Its solely mandated to provide health insurance to Kenyans.

Every employer is required by law to remit the NHIF contributions to NHIF for their employees every month. If you are self-employed, you can pay for your NHIF contribution via MPESA.

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How to Calculate Your NHIF Monthly Payments

Your monthly NHIF contributions are solely dependent on your monthly gross salary. The more you earn, the more your monthly NHIF contributions.

For salaried individuals, the lowest NHIF rate is KES 150 for persons who earn anything between KES 0 to KES 5,999. Conversely, the highest NHIF rate is 1,700 for individuals who earn more than Kshs 100,000 per month.

How much is the NHIF Monthly Contribution for self-employed?

Voluntary and self-employed individuals are required to contribute KES 500 per month. Failure to remit your payments by the 9th of every month, then you will be charged a penalty of KES 250 per month.

NHIF Rates in Kenya 2023

The table below gives a summary of the updated list of NHIF rates in Kenya 2023:

Employee’s Gross Salary (KES)Monthly NHIF Contributions
0 – 5,999KES 150
6,000 – 7,999KES 300
8,000 – 11,999KES 400
12,000 – 14,999KES 500
15,000 – 19,999KES 600
20,000 – 24,999KES 750
25,000 – 29,999KES 850
30,000 – 34,999KES 900
35,000 – 39,999KES 950
40,000 – 44,999KES 1,000
45,000 – 49,999KES 1,100
50,000 – 59,999KES 1,200
60,000 – 69,999KES 1,300
70,000 – 79,999KES 1,400
80,000 – 89,999KES 1,500
90,000 – 99,999KES 1,600
100,000 and AboveKES 1,700
Self Employed IndividualsKES 500
Table list for NHIF rates in Kenya 2023

NHIF Benefits

NHIF Inpatient Cover

The NHIF inpatient package covers the following services:

  1. Consultations
  2. Dressing and Maternity charges
  3. Accommodation/Hospital bed charges
  4. Nursing care
  5. Operating theatre charges
  6. Laboratory tests
  7. Radiology examinations
  8. Physician’s fees
  9. Prescribed medications

NHIF Outpatient Cover

The NHIF Outpatient Cover includes the following services;

  1. Consultation with General Practitioners
  2. Laboratory investigations
  3. Optical care
  4. Daycare procedures
  5. Drugs & dispensation
  6. Dental health services
  7. Health education
  8. Drug and substance abuse
  9. Minor surgery services
  10. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy services

You can register for NHIF cover to enjoy the above services in NHIF-accredited hospitals. You can visit any NHIF office or the nearest Huduma Center with the following requirements to register:

  1. A copy of your national ID
  2. Your spouse’s ID copy
  3. A copy of your marriage certificate copy, and in case you do not have one a sworn affidavit.
  4. For the children, carry copies of their birth certificates or birth notification if the child is between 0-6 months
  5. Passport-size photos for all dependants.

After registration, you can start paying for your NHIF using MPESA via the pay bill number 200222 and ID number as your account number.

I hope you this article has helped you learn about the NHIF rates in Kenya. Also, read on how to pay for your NHIF penalty via MPESA.

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