How to Pay NHIF Penalty via MPESA in Kenya 2024

In this article, we will explore how to pay NHIF penalty via MPESA, how to check your NHIF arrears, and how to activate your NHIF after defaulting.

All NHIF members must make timely monthly payments to ensure they have access to NHIF Insurance cover when needed. However, failing to make timely payments can result in penalties, which can be a significant financial burden.

With MPESA, you can pay your NHIF penalty from anywhere at any time.

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How to Pay NHIF Penalty via MPESA

All self-employed or voluntary NHIF members are required to pay for their NHIF by the 9th of every month. If you fail, you will be surcharged a penalty of KES 250 per month.

How to Pay NHIF Penalty via MPESA:

Step 1: Open the MPESA toolkit

Step 2: Select MPESA and then go to Lipa na MPESA

steps on How to Pay NHIF Penalty via MPESA - Select MPESA
Select MPESA
Go to Lipa na MPESA
Go to Lipa na MPESA

Step 3: Choose the PayBill option and enter the NHIF Business No. (200222).

Select Paybill Option
Select Paybill Option
Enter NHIF Paybill No
Enter NHIF Paybill No

Step 4: Enter your National ID Number as your account number and add the letter “y” at the end e.g., 45045010Y

Step 5: Enter the amount KES 250 penalty fee per month i.e. if you’ve defaulted for three months, then enter KES 750 as the amount.

Enter Account Number
Enter Account Number
Enter Penalty Amount
Enter Penalty Amount

Step 6: Enter your MPESA Pin, confirm all details are correct, then press send.

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an SMS confirmation from Safaricom and NHIF.

Note that the payment will be treated as a penalty by adding the letter “y” in step No. 4 above. In case you face any challenges, you can get in touch with NHIF customer service via the following lines:

  • 0800 720 601​​ – Toll-free
  • 020-2731249 | 020-2731250
  • 020-2731252 | 020-2731254

How do I check my NHIF arrears?

Send an SMS with the letters ID followed by a space and your National ID, e.g, ID 45045010 to 21101, or send a request via email to with your National ID.
Read more on how to check your NHIF status.

What is the Paybill number for NHIF Penalty Kenya?

The NHIF Paybill Number is 200222.

How can I activate NHIF after Defaulting?

You can reactivate your NHIF cover by paying at least KES 1,500, which will be your three months’ contribution. Then, you will have to wait for two months (60 days) from the payment date for your cover to be active.
You can pay through M-PESA Paybill No. 200222, KCB Bank, Equity Bank, Co-op Bank, or National Bank.

Pay Your NHIF Penalties

Now that you know how to pay NHIF penalty via MPESA, you should put effort into paying your NHIF contributions on time to avoid penalties. However, if you do get penalized, make sure to pay them as soon as possible to avoid further charges.

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